Professional Hearing Care

Tymber Hearing Care is your independent, locally owned & operated hearing healthcare office. 

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People are our inspiration. 

It is with great honour that we may support and help those whom are dealing with the challenging issues surrounded by hearing loss. Tymber Hearing Care provides exceptional compassionate client care. We are here to provide support to those who may have hearing concerns, as well as to their family and loved ones.

We pride ourselves in being a privately-owned business that is trusted and transparent.

We provide each client with a recommended hearing plan that is designed and customized to each individual's needs with honest pricing that works for all budgets.


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Tina is here to guide you of what kind of appointment you need to schedule.

Andrea is here to guide you with any of your hearing questions or concerns.

We continually strive to expand our knowledge base wherever possible, and strive to keep up with the most current scientific and technological changes in the hearing healthcare industry.

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