Tymber Hearing Care Services

We Provide many Hearing Healthcare Services in a Friendly, Welcoming Environment.



This Comprehensive Test takes approximately one hour.  This allows time for the actual assessment, along with time to explain test results in detail, and to provide recommendations. The assessment includes the following:

Otoscopic Examination: Looking into your ear with an Otoscope (ear light) allows us to see the health of the eardrum and ear canal. We can see the shape and size of your unique ear, and check if there is any wax that needs to be removed.

Cerumen Management: Cerumen is another word for Ear Wax. We do provide gentle ear wax removal in our office.

Tympanometry Diagnostics: This test allows us to measure the compliance or flexibility of the eardrum and to assess your ear pressure.

Audiometry Testing: This test helps us determine what your hearing levels are. We measure many different tones or frequencies ranging from 250 hz to 8000 hz. We test these levels with our State of the Art Audiometer using both air conduction and bone conduction.

Speech Recognition Testing: This test allows us to see how well your ears are transmitting or interpreting words. It is important to identify how well the ear is transmitting sounds from the ear to the auditory nerve to the brain. This step is so important to identify how clear words are sounding and if required just how effective a hearing device would be.

Speech in Noise Testing: This special test we use if you are struggling with background noise. It reflects again what our expectations should be in how we can manage in complex listening environments.


We are here as your Hearing Care Practitioner. With a thorough hearing assessment, we can then recommend a few options that would be helpful for your unique situation. We work along side with your Family Healthcare Provider - whether that be your Family Doctor or Nurse Practitioner to ensure all angles of your hearing and health are addressed.


We offer Free Consultation services, as well as Free Second Opinions. We strive to help you navigate through the ins and outs of the hearing aid world. We are here for you! If you have any questions or concerns, we are more than happy to take the time and sit down with you.


Should you need to proceed with hearing aids, we would schedule a hearing aid fitting appointment. We digitally program the device specifically to your unique hearing needs. We also take the time to teach you all the ins and outs, pieces and parts of this new venture!


Follow Up care is crucial for hearing aid users. Changing your sense of sound is tricky business. We want to make sure that things are going well.  We schedule several follow up appointments after you initial fitting to ensure your investment is successful.

We take time to listen, so you can hear better!


Hearing and Hearing troubles can be a challenge for everyone. We are here to help you, your family and loved ones. Remember we all use our EARS and our EYES to hear. Let’s work on Healthy Communication!


Most hearing aids these days are digital and programmable. That means that even if your hearing aids are a few years old, we can adjust the settings. We can re-program the devices to your current hearing levels. If you have a set of hearing aids sitting in your drawer… get them out! Lets see what we can do with them!


Hearing aids are exposed to so many different environments and work so hard, they need to be serviced on a regular basis with regular maintenance and cleaning. Our office is equipped with sophisticated cleaning equipment that can polish, dehydrate and vacuum the unimaginable!


We know accidents do happen. We have an Extensive Repair Service in our office. We always like a challenge!


Should anything happen to your hearing device, we can handle all manufacturer warranties - no matter where it was originally purchased.


We stock a variety of batteries for hearing devices, and we carry an arrangement of Assistive Listening Devices too!