Hearing Loss comes in many shapes and forms. Within the adult population, hearing problems can result from several issues. 

Some examples:

  • common ageing hearing loss (presbycusis) which does affect both ears equally

  • excessive noise exposure from work or recreational activities
  • tinnitus


  • Statistics Canada states that approximately 50% of Canadians over the age of 60 have hearing loss.


  • The Canadian Hearing Society has stated that 1 in 5 people with a hearing loss pursues a hearing device


  • Tinnitus is often connected to hearing loss, and clients often experience both conditions simultaneously. 


  • The International Federation of the Hard Of Hearing has stated that over 90% of tinnitus sufferers also have a hearing impairment. 


  • Statistics Canada has recorded that tinnitus has been experienced by 42% of Canadians aged 3 to 79. 

    • Among these people, approximately 1 in 5 reported that the tinnitus was severe enough that it affected their sleep, concentration, or mood